15 May 2009

NS Role Models: Janelle Monae

I LOVE HER. What more is there to say? She has been on the scene for a while but has not blown up on the music scene the way she should have by now. She signed to Bad Boy Records last year and I'd like to ask Mr P Diddy, "What's going on?"!!! More Janelle please!

This Kansas girl, has fantastic voice, unique style and is an inspirational character. All that and she's Naturally Sexy. What a role model! GQ magazine dubbed her a 'Girlie Grace Jones' which I'd say it quite an accurate description. That plus a touch of Andre 3000, James Brown, Judy Garland, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson & Lauryn Hill. She's amazing! Watch her do her thang in the video to Many Moons...

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Kittylocks said...

I really love your blog.

I have nominated you for the creative blog award.

Lots of happy hair hugs and kissess.

Kittylocks X