28 March 2009

Remembering Us

Henry and I like to ship the kids off and have some quality US time. It doesn't happen as often as we'd like but most importantly it happens. It's a time to remember how it all began...just the two of us.

So with the kids off to Auntie Sharon's we proceeded to make the most of our 24 child-free hours!

Do I look toooo happy??!!!

We were invited to Richy Pitch's (a friend of Hen's) Hip Hop night entitled Scratch. Wicked night, I hadn't done Hip Hop clubbing for a longtime, so it definitely set the scene for the remembrance of our love in the 90's!!

Here's us before...

During... with Richy...

And after, me a little worse for wear but hair was still BIG which was good for the amount of heavy dancing that went down!!

27 March 2009

Fat Flat Twists


So I put some fat flat twists in to stretch out my hair.

I was running late so didn't a picture of the work look but this is me before I went to bed.

Also I got some Afro kinky plait in hair, just for a change I suppose. Did some side flat twists using it and then did the hot water curls at the end. Looks quite cute I think. Although my edges could do without the stress. Been on a mission to grow them back. Been rubbing oils in for a few months and the hair is returning but needs to thicken up. Would probably be best left well alone.

22 March 2009

Our Day


Up first 22 March 2009... Mothers Day

Happy Mother's day to all. Here are some great mother quotes...

All mothers are working mothers. ~Author Unknown

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~Milton Berle

Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that suppose to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing. ~Toni Morrison, Beloved, 1987

What a day! I did my 'daughter' thang through the post, providing my mother with some much needed Mac Studio Fix and a cool Afrocentric card. She was pleased. Although come to think of it, now I'm a mum it's been while since I did a trip down to my Mum's to spend mother's day with her. Should try and do that next year. Anyway, on the flip side I got some mother's day of my own. The boys and Henry are great on Mother's Day never failing to show their love...it's nice being a mum on mother's day. I was awoken to Kamaal's self made yummy crepes, then presented with my lovely cards and gift - a new computer chair -so needed/appreciated. Then we has some mum and sons time in the park while Henry prepared a delicious meal mostly courtesy of Mark's and Spencer's but as we all know it's not food it's M&S food. It was a lovely day as can be seen in my slide show...Thank you boys (including the BIG one!!!)

Slide show was fun to do and looks good...WHEN IT WORKS

but I think I prefer the real thing...

This beautiful day was made somewhat poignantly more beautiful by being the day God chose for young reality TV celeb, Jade Goody, to pass away in her sleep aged 27 after a very public battle with cervical cancer. She left behind two beautiful boys and during her final weeks, the nation watched as she displayed her very palpable, deep love for them. It saddens me that they will not see their mum anymore but I know for sure that everyday she will be watching them grow from her higher plane until they can be together again. RIP Jade Goody, your legacy is great and you have saved the lives of many women, your sons are proud of you.

I am thankful for being in the here and now with my babies and am glad for every moment I am privileged to be in their presence. Tomorrow is not promised to no one.

13 March 2009

My Red Headed Babies

Today is Red Nose Day. A special day in the UK where we raise money for a charity called Comic Relief whose chief aim is to create 'positive change through the power of entertainment'. It's a fun day and we do fun activities to raise money, money that is allocated to a wide range of grants and social investments aimed at delivering real and long-lasting change to the poorest, most vulnerable people here in the UK and across the world.

Today in the spirit of Comic Relief my boys went to school with red hair. At school in exchange for £1, they were given their red noses to go with their red fro's. (don't have a picture of that I'm afraid). Poor Zain had a fall at school the day before, so he actually had a red nose for real!!

Keeping the Twist-Out Curlies

So with this twist-out, to keep the curls you need to do the following...

...Before you go to bed, apply any necessary hair food eg. oil or Shea. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB. Twist it down in big twists, about 4 and cover with a scarf.

In the morning twist out big twists, the hair will seem quite stringy but not for long! Spray with water (I use a watered down NS Moisturising Spray spritz) apply a 10p sized dollop of gel, rub in your palms and rub all over, repeat if necessary. And then shake it out...
You'll see those curlies spring right up and remain separated.

Then style. I'm wondering whether to go for fringy or punky for work????? What to do? What to do?

And the final decision is...

FUNKY PUNKY!!!! I'm such a rebel!!! I know it's not 'Uniform Standard' but hey...

...it is Red Nose day!!!

Happy Red Nose Day, keep raising money for those in need.

11 March 2009

Natural Hair and Sisterlocks Meet Up

So I was prepared for a wonderful evening and that's exactly what I got! Today 22 women from the Natural Hair and Sisterlocks Meet Up group finally got to meet up.

The lovely Cherry (pictured above) did a fantastic job organising the event. A nice location, good food, good drink and great people. It's the first time since starting my site that I got to meet-up with the people it embraces. And boy are you all great! Just as I thought. Beautiful inside and out, open, warm, great conversations, great night. It was wonderful to see so many natural heads at differing stages of their journeys. Some seasoned naturals, some newbies and some in weaves or extensions seeking advice and information. What was also interesting was that NO TWO HEADS were the same. We have all been on a similar journey but our destinations are all very different and individual. Here are some pictures...

This is me a Wendy Adams, she has a fab site called 'It's a Sista Thing' with great health tips and advice. Click here to check it out.

I'd just like to add that it was a pleasure to meet you all and I certainly look forward to meeting you all again in the spring/summer time and hopefully some new faces too.

Twists Out

Today I'm taking the twists out in preparation for what I hope will be a wonderful evening.

09 March 2009

Playing Around...Again

Just me playing around again! Today I put them into a side ponytail.

08 March 2009

Playing Around

Today I was playing with the twists to see other ways of styling the style. I swept the twists round on to the top of my head, in an almost hat-like fashion. I thought it looked quite cute! Click on the picture to see it bigger.

06 March 2009

C’mon lets twist again

Yesterday while the twists were still in, I gave my hair a co-wash and a ACV/honey rinse. After I gave it spray with my NS Moisturising Spray and then retwisted it with some NS Shea mix and NS Styling Cream. I did some work on the side and got a better parting between the flat twists. I left the last inch of the twist free and put some NS Styling Cream on it to allow it to curl up.

So here is the finished article...