09 May 2009

Lock Love Pt. 1

A good friend of mine Sam, has some beautiful long locks that were in desperate need of some love. There was a lot of regrowth and the front section needed some work as there was about 5 inches of new hair that was not blending well with the other locks. Unfortunately, with the expense involved in getting this done at a salon and the time and effort involved in doing it herself, she had resorted to wrapping them up in a scarf - hiding them away from the world.

Now, you know me, I couldn't have her hiding her NS self away, so I offered to come to the rescue and save her lovely locks. Here is how she looked before the love...

Her sides had hair that needed to be locks. There was no point trying to pull this free hair back into a lock behind it. The other side also had more free hair that needed to be locks.


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