09 December 2009

I'm still here...

...just working like a dog!

Now, my rather negative view of this common phrase was immediately turned on it's head after I googled it and came across the following:-

"How many times have you heard someone say, "I've been working like a dog!" or "My boss is working me like a dog!" The idea is that if you want to be successful then you will be forced to work long hours doing something you don't like to do. Working like a dog sounds like a tiresome, serious, and joyless affair, without a hint of laughter, fun, or play.

However, before you ever use the phrase "work like a dog" again, take a moment to think about how your own dog actually spends his days. In actuality, your dog has a pretty good life, and it would be your lucky day if you could work like your dog! Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything is fun to your dog. Dogs are great role models for us to emulate on the job. They approach their lives not only with dedication, loyalty, discipline, sensitivity, and love, but also with joy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to see their work as play."

Matt Weinstein - The Huffington Post - Aug 2007
Click to here see whole article and video

As much as, at times, what I'm trying to achieve seems tiresome and serious, I need to remember that I love, love, love, what I'm doing and the direction my life is going. Without dedication, discipline and more importantly joy, my work becomes work and not play and I thought I left that behind. Time for me to start working like a dog for real!

Unfortunately, my role of blogger has had to take a back seat while I get on with more pressing tasks but should hopefully return in the new year. As for Naturally Sexy, 2010 will bring about the unveiling of all my dedication and discipline over the past months with a dynamic new sexy website and fantastic new sexy products. It's been challenging but I'm joyful, enthusiastic and excited for 2010...woof woof!!

See you in the New Year... and have yourselves a very merry Christmas xx