16 June 2009


Ah finally. Back to blogging. What a breath of fresh air!!

Me, well I've been busy as usual, where does all the time go? There just aren't enough hours in the day to do what I need to do. Fortunately I have been privileged enough to get myself 48 hours back. How? Well I have made a very brave decision to take voluntary redundancy from my part time job. It's time for my departure. After a long time off sick my return has brought about the true realisation that I no longer enjoy the job. What used to be fun and varied has become dull and monotonous. It takes me forever to get there...and back... and my heart just isn't in it, not even through that connection you develop with the people you work with - the ones who get you through the day (which, outside of the financial implications, is essentially what binds us to a job we hate). The people I connected with have either left, are on maternity leave or work a different shift pattern and so I see them infrequently. With all that said getting through work days have become harder, especially since I'm building a business and have 101 things to do.

It'll be a few months before I officially go but at least there's now light at the end of the tunnel... or should I say the runway!! The airport is an interesting environment to work in. You come into contact with so many different people, from all walks of life and from all sides of the globe. As I said I've made some really lovely friends there but for someone like me, the job does have a sell by date. Once you've made sufficient use of the perks (cheap flight concessions), you either move up or move on... if you can. I'd love to say I've been to loads of desirable destinations off the back of my job but unfortunately I haven't. After nearly 4 years service, my holiday list consists of 10 days in Barbados and two nights in New York. Now that's not right is it??!! And why is the list so dry? Well your concessions are a 'Standby thing' - if there are seats you get to travel, the big perk is that you mostly travel in business class and after three years service a seat in upper class if it's available! This is great if you can fly anytime and you don't have many responsibilities but when you have to fit it around kids and school it's no good at all. Standing by for a flight during the school holidays is a huge risk! There's the risk of not getting on at all, thereby dashing your partners and kids holiday hopes. Or alternatively and more so harrowing, not being able to get back!!! All that stress you lost from your relaxing break, instantly returns and the money you saved from your cheap flights is used to find you and your family somewhere to stay, till you can get yourself on a flight home. Luckily I have never had this experience but have heard the story on many occasions, so much so that I wouldn't take the risk.

But here I am, ready to risk it all. Give up my job to pursue my business dreams. A huge risk one would say, especially in these credit crunchy times, where jobs are being lost, left, right and centre. My heart goes out to all those in the struggle. For me, having struggled through the past year with all my teeth stuff , I'm going to take this opportunity to stop dreaming about the life I want to live and start living my dreams. Right now Naturally Sexy needs me! It needs me full-time to expand this celebration of our natural beauty, to really develop and maintain the website, to provide products, to blog (yay!!) and interact with all you Naturally Sexy folk out there and those of you who would like to join our party! I have the belief, the determination and the passion to succeed. You've got to start somewhere and just as the Daily Telegraph's recent ad campaign states ... It Pays To Think Big!

It pays to think big - Daily Telegraph

...Even my boss had to start somewhere...

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