05 May 2009


Okay today is the 5th May and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH arghhhhhh! I just get a little too into this thing. I have spent a few day's writing and constantly drafting ONE BLOG, you'd think I was writing for a newspaper - all the edits and the rewrites! Terrible. Although it was Mother's Day, so I think it was warranted the care and attention. It even had me putting together a slide show!!

Anyway, I have decided to give myself a challenge, six weeks in 24 hours?????? It's 1.39am...by this time tomorrow can I put up the photo's and stories of the past six weeks??? It'll certainly help towards my longness! So here we go....

First 22rd March 2009...the long one... Mother's Day... I'll try and keep the rest short and sweet, well now that I've challenged myself I don't have time for much more!!!

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