26 April 2009

Happy Birthday x 3... sorry x 4


What is up with this date? The 26th April. Kerri's birthday. Then Onika, my cousin, came and joined her (it was her 21st today). Then Michael, good family friend, came into our lives another 26th April birthday and then today, the day we all came together to celebrate the birthdays... another one steps into the mix. My little brother's new son Elijah. Needless to say it was a lovely lovely day...

Birthday girls, Kerri and Onika

Now for the rest of my mob...

My younger sis Elida
My younger bro, Ishmael

My baby bro, Javan. Proud daddy of the baby of the day Elijah
My baby sis, Kezia. Soon to be a mother herself...

Mum with her gransons, Isaiah (Javan's first son) and Elijah, at the hospital that day. I have yet to see him in the flesh... can't wait!

Elida and her hubbie Mark.

The boys and their cousins, crazy Leon Elida's son and Isaiah (Javan's son)

Carmen, Elida's little girl and of course crazy Leon!!

My mum, Kerri, Auntie Debs (Onika's mum) and Onika.

My cousin Milly, Auntie Deb's first daughter. Onika's sister.

Kerri with Auntie Lorna, who is looking absolutely fabulous with her newly loced Sisterlocs.

My cousins Michelle and Adrian, Auntie Lorna's children.
My second cousin Chanelle, Onika's best bud and her cutie chunky son Tai.

Auntie Jennifer, Kerri's godmother.

Whilst practising her ANTM 'wind in hair' pose Elida ends up looking like birthday-boy Michael's wife...

Not pleased with the success of the last shot, Kerri step's in to play his mistress...

Oh and you know these guys...

And finally how cute is this...

Kezia snapped this shot and I had to include it... so cute!

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