10 May 2009

Locks Loved Pt. 2

(Click here to see Pt 1/Before pictures)

So today, at 5.30am some twelve hours later and after the following...

1. Adding 10 locks using human afro kinky hair plus a lot of patience and skill (see YouTube 'HOW TO' here). All whilst eating my hosts delicious food and naughty snacks and watching horror movies!
2. Dying the ends, to lift the colour and help newly formed locks to blend in
3. A shampoo and a herbal rinse
4. A Retwist

...Sam finally got her NS back...

Here is a close up of the lock extensions...

...and below, how they seamlessly blend into the other locks.

I must say it was a pleasure to do and I, but more importantly Sam, was very pleased with the results. Enjoy your beautiful locks sis, they're amazing.

Here's is a picture of Sam's yummy little girl, Arizona, next to a beautiful picture she drew for me...

And finally here's me back home after a long, tiring, but extremely rewarding and delightful weekend.

1 comment:

Ayoko (my actual middle name) said...

Those locks look great.