03 February 2009

Kam's Hungry hair.

So after his hat-free crazy exploits in the snow, Kamaal was left with some pretty dry hair. Now I should have washed it and all the rest but time was limited. I took aside that limited time to feed his hair and bring it back to life. Like an emergency NS resuscitation!

Kamaal has the super hair of the family. Never have I seen hair so thick and dense. Beautiful thick virgin hair. He's been growing his hair for a while now. Once Dad was growing his hair the boys we're like we're growing our hair too. Kamaal's strength and determination to wear his fro high and proud, as a 10 year amongst 'fresh cutz' is commendable, not to mention all the stick he has to endure!

So despite being a mother two boys, I do spend a lot of time doing their hair!

Here's how Kam went from dry to fly...

1. A spray, a brush and some Shea.

2. A twist.

3. A scarf. A rest.

4. A next day. A twist out.

5. An annoying Mum taking pictures for her blog, while you're trying to have your breakfast.

6. A revived, quenched funky fro and a handsome young man!

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