29 June 2009

He's Out Of Our Lives

Michael Jackson is dead. How weird does that sound? Michael Jackson is dead.

Michael played a huge part in the lives of many generations including mine. His musical genius and sheer talent far out weighed the craziness that surrounded the latter part of his life and it is this that, in the wake of his death, that the world has been forced to truly appreciate and adore. What really got me on that day was what was happening in my household NO DOUBT while when he undergoing a cardiac arrest. This is a true story and as unbelievable as the fact that he's gone.

My sister was round babysitting and on our return her, Henry and I began a conversation that we will never forget. An episode of South Park was on which focused on yet another celebrity p**s take. It was U2's Bono's turn and we began a discussion about who else they had been ridiculed in a way only South Park could pull off and get away with. Kanye West, Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie were mentioned and we ended up on Micheal Jackson. Henry who's the biggest SP fan I know and an eternal comedian, began quoting the memorable lines in the MJ voice and my sister and I creased up with laughter. I then recalled a recent article about MJ being upset about the 50 shows he'd been signed up to do here in London. My sister hadn't heard about it so, with my encouragement I told Henry to tell her what he had said...'In the voice' as he had done with me when the article was published, again my sister and I creased up with laughter. We then went into a long exchange about how the hell he was going to manage 50 SHOWS???!!! Half an hour later Henry turned the TV over to Sky News... 'Oh My God... look at this!' he said. The laughter had come to a dramatic end.

The breaking news of his cardiac arrest stood before us. Shocked and somewhat sickened we watched the story unfold. At that point I didn't think he would die. I even tried to lighten up the mood by saying at least he doesn't have to worry about the 50 shows now, they couldn't expect him to do it now he's gone through this - death to me was not on the cards. Then they showed a recent clip of him when he visited London to talk about the come back tour. We looked at him and the reality of what could happen kicked in. He looked so weak. He looked like his body couldn't withstand such an attack. He died about 5 minutes later.

I know I am not responsible for Michael Jackson's death but the guilty feelings within me, knowing that while his heart was failing him, I was laughing at his expense are difficult to shake. The laughter has turned into a sadness I have never known. The tributes that have taken place since his death on the TV and radio just remind us all, that Michael Jackson was THE KING of pop and THE PRINCE of Motown soul. Tune, after tune, after tune, after tune and let's not forget the moves! The guy was simply amazing and his music will live forever and ever. Amen.

Rest in Peace Michael.

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