01 March 2009


My blogs are becoming blong!

Am I too ambitious to think that I can keep a blog, while I run a website, work part-time at work and full-time at home, raise two boys and be a loving supportive wife? Or do I just need to get more organised?

I'm gonna try the 'get more organised' thing before I give up.

I may not have written a word since the 2nd February but I've been snapping away and I have too many untold stories to fill you in on. So from today I will begin my tale of February 2009 while I keep up with what's going on in March. Now that should be interesting!!!

My plan is to get this blog up to date by the end of this week. I also plan to get clear by the end of this week - physically clear, mentally clear and spiritually clear.

But first some clearing on this blog.

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